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Free Bootstrap Admin Templates
30 Mar

12 Free Bootstrap Admin Templates to Beautify Your Next Dashboard

February 15, 2019

Whether you’re planning to build a new web application or going to develop a theme which requires a beautiful and functional admin panel, using a pre-built Bootstrap admin dashboard template can prove extremely beneficial to you. Preventing you from starting everything from scratch and writing a lot of unnecessary code, a ready-to-use admin template not only saves you many hours of development time but also boosts your development workflow to a new level.

There are countless free and premium Bootstrap admin templates available on the market today via different online marketplaces. However, just because premium admin templates often provide more in terms of features, functionalities and the quality the UI, it doesn’t necessarily mean that free Bootstrap admin templates are any less than premium ones. In fact, there are many free Bootstrap admin templates that have the ability to compete with premium ones.

Listed below are some of the best and most popular free Bootstrap admin templates which you can use to turn your custom dashboard area into a beautiful and user-friendly powerhouse!


CoreUI - Bootstrap Admin Template

Built on the top of Bootstrap 4, CoreUI is a completely free to use Bootstrap Admin template that you can use to create beautiful and usable admin interfaces. It comprises all Bootstrap 4 components and is developed with all the latest trends, technologies and standards in mind. Using the CoreUI Bootstrap 4 admin template, you can customize your project for almost any device – be it mobile, desktop or laptop. Moreover, you’ll also have free access to all future updates.

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NGX Admin:

NGX Admin - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Formerly known as ng2-admin, NGX Admin is a lightweight and powerful Bootstrap 4 Admin dashboard template based on Angular 5+ and Typescript. It is a high resolution, fully responsive and flexibly configurable admin template that comes packed with two versions, Light and Cosmic, offering you lots of awesome features from buttons to animated searches to Tables, Maps, and charts. Based on the Nebular module, this elegant admin template also offers an authentication module with multiple providers.

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AdminWrap Lite:

 Admin Wrap Lite - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

AdminWrap Lite is a high-quality and feature-rich template carefully hand-crafted with the latest Bootstrap version in mind. Build with modular design, AdminWrap Lite comes with lifetime free updates and is completely free to download and use for personal projects. For commercial projects, there is a pro version available with lots of awesome features. Compatible with all modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, IE10+, AdminWrap Lite is very easy to customize and equipped with 6+ page templates and 10+ UI components.

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Adminator - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Adminator is an easy to use and well designed Bootstrap 4 admin template that you can use to create powerful administrators and back-end dashboards for websites, web apps, services and more. Featuring a collection of ready to use code snippets and utilities, applications, custom pages and some useful widgets, it speeds up the dashboard building process to a great extent. Adminator is minimal and modern in terms of design and completely free to use for both commercial and private use.

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Star Admin:

Star Admin - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Star Admin is a beautifully designed, highly customizable and well-coded admin template built with the latest version of Bootstrap. Packed with incredible features and powerful functionalities like SaSS Base CSS, Chart.js and prebuilt sample pages, it is an excellent fit for building admin panels for any kind of website or web application. The best thing about this one-of-a-kind admin template is that it comes with an excellent support from experts to help you get started and going easily.

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AdminPro Lite:

AdminPro Lite - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

AdminPro Lite is an extremely lightweight and feature-rich admin template featuring 10+ UI components, 7-page templates, and full support for modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and IE10+. Built on the top of Bootstrap 4, it offers you several unique color options, a modular design dashboard, a basic data table, an error 404 page, and similar powerful features for building a vibrant admin dashboard. Completely free to download and use for personal projects.

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Purple Admin:

Purple Admin- Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Built with Bootstrap 4, Purple Admin is a colorful, attractive yet very simple responsive admin template with a huge collection of useful and innovative widgets. Not only it works perfectly fine on all devices and screen sizes, but also it can be easily customized to suit your dashboard requirements. The template is well crafted with a clean and well-commented code, which makes it an ideal choice to jump-start your project. Even, it also supports SaSS Based CSS to make your development easier and well-organized.

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Sufee - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Sufee is an extremely lightweight and highly customizable Bootstrap 4 admin template providing you a collection of ready to use code snippets and utilities, custom pages, applications, and several useful widgets to speed up your dashboard development. With this beautiful and smooth template, you don’t need to have a ton of prior coding and design knowledge in order to develop a custom admin dashboard. That’s because Sufee makes everything effortless even if you’re a newbie.

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MaterialPro Lite:

MaterialPro Lite - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

As the name itself explains, MaterialPro Lite is a clean, professional-looking and highly customizable Bootstrap 4 admin template inspired by Google’s Material Design. Apart from having a classy design, MaterialPro is also equipped with all the essential features that you’ll need to build your own custom control panel. This sober admin template not only has Font Awesome and Google Maps integration but also comes with several page templates to provide you inspiration and help you get started with your projects quickly. Completely free to use for your personal projects!

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Bootstrap 4 Material Admin:

Bootstrap 4 Material Admin - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Containing 6 HTML page templates in 6 different color variants, Bootstrap 4 Material Admin is another lightweight, sleek, and premium-looking admin template based on Google’s Material design framework. It comes with a powerful dashboard having 14 different widget types, which you can further customize to fit your requirements. You are completely free to use this template for both personal and commercial projects as long as you don’t remove the footer backlink pointing to the author.

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Light Bootstrap Dashboard:

Light Bootstrap Dashboard - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Light Bootstrap Dashboard is a very powerful yet lesser known admin dashboard template featuring over 16 handcrafted components, 4 customized plug-ins and 4 example pages. Designed to be as simple and beautiful as possible, this template is a perfect choice for creating project management systems, admin panels, web apps backend, CMS, and CRM. A pro version of this admin template with hundreds of components, plug-ins and example pages is also available to take your dashboard development to the next level.

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Monster Admin Lite:

Monster Admin Lite

Carefully hand-crafted using the latest technologies and fully up to date with the latest trends and tools, Monster Admin Lite is a highly intuitive, flexible and customizable Bootstrap 4 powered admin template with clean design and vibrant colors that will amaze your eyes in no time. Featuring awesomely designed dashboard which is highly customizable, this template is completely free to use for personal projects and comes with lifetime free updates.

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