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Frequently asked questions

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Answering Some of Your Most Common Questions

In our sincere efforts to cure your anxieties, this page is built to address all your queries, doubts and concerns. Kindly navigate through the questionnaire given below to get answers to the most common, basic questions. In case what you look for is not present here, we would feel more than glad to answer all your queries through Email or Live Chat!

General Questions (13)

  • So, what exactly do you do?

    Being a leading PSD conversion service provider, we develop pixel Perfect, W3C validated templates, themes and applications for freelancers, agencies, and businesses of all kinds and sizes. We accept designs in various file formats including, but not limited to, PSD, AI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and Sketch, and convert them to a fully-functional theme or app using latest technologies like XHTML/HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Additionally, we also integrate the converted themes with various popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

  • What does ‘PSD to HTML’ mean?

    PSD, which stands for Photoshop Document, is the default file extension of a Photoshop design file. The term 'PSD to HTML' symbolizes the conversion of a static PSD file into a dynamic HTML page – created particularly for the Internet. The entire process of transformation involves XHTML/HTML5 and CSS3 coding.

  • What file formats do you accept for conversion?

    We accept designs in almost all file formats including, but not limited to, PSD, AI, PNG, GIF, JPEG, PDF, and INDD.

  • No Responsive Designs?

    No problem! Our team of highly-skilled professional will create smart phones and tablets mockup for you by re-aligning each and every element from the desktop mockup.

  • How would W3C validated code prove beneficial for me?

    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international organization that develops open standards for the Internet. A W3C valid code not only makes your website fully compatible with various modern technologies but also it ensures your website will rank higher in search engine results. For both HTML and CSS, We abide by the guidelines of W3C.

  • What is Browser and Platform Compatibility?

    Where the term ‘Browser Compatibility’ means the converted theme or template would look and behave same on all major web browsers, on the other hand, Platform Compatibility means the coded template or theme will function properly on all the operating systems, including Windows and Mac.

  • What’s your Turnaround Time?

    We convert your First page in 8 working hours and your subsequent pages in the following 2-3 hours.

  • Do you sign an NDA?

    Yes, we do sign a Non-disclosure Agreement.

  • Do you keep a backup of client’s project? If Yes, for how long?

    Yes, we do keep a copy of your project for a maximum period of 6 months. If unfortunately you lose or delete something by mistake, you can contact us to retrieve it within 6 months.

  • Do you offer a Maintenance Period too?

    Yes, we do offer a 30-days maintenance period with our every project.

  • What about the support? And, do you respond to Phone calls?

    We offer 24/7 dedicated customer support to our valued clients via Phone, Email, Live Chat and Instant Messaging.

  • Would you feature my project in your Portfolio without my approval?

    No, we don't. Whatever we develop for you, be it a logo or a theme, will be showcased on our Portfolio page only after getting prior approval from your end.

  • What if I’m not fully satisfied with your service?

    We always try our best to exceed your expectations in every possible manner. However, if you feel you’re not with our services, you can ask us to refund your money with our Money Back Guarantee option.

Payment Questions (5)

  • How do I make the payment?

    We accept payments by various modes including Google Checkout, PayPal, and every major Credit Card.

  • How much advance do I have to pay?

    If your order is less than $2000, then you have to pay the full amount in advance. But if the amount is higher than $2000, you can either pay in full in the beginning or opt to pay 70% in advance and rest 30% at the time of project delivery.

  • Are there any discounts?

    Yes, there is a 50% discount offered on every subsequent page you order.

  • Is there any amount for the quote?

    No, we don't charge anything for price quotation - even a single penny.

  • Will I need to send you an invoice?

    No. Instead, we will send you the invoice for your order via Email.

After Sales Questions (2)

  • Do you provide after sales support?

    Yes, you’ll enjoy our dedicated customer support service for 30 days after the delivery of your project.

  • Do you offer any maintenance period?

    Yes! After delivery, we do offer a 30-day maintenance period to our valuable clients. Any project-related issues can be discussed with our experts within this period.

Technical Questions (25)

  • Is it possible for you to transform old HTML files into XHTML/CSS?

    The word 'impossible' is not in our dictionary! Our extremely talented developers can do anything you ask for. All you need to specify this as a requirement to us while placing the order.

  • What web browsers my theme would support if I go with CSS3?

    Since the latest versions of all major browsers support almost all the CSS3 properties, we assure you that the converted theme would be fully compatible with latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

  • Is your code manual or automated?

    Despite a variety of code writing software available in the market today, we always prefer to use our hands for writing codes. Every theme we develop is 100% hand-coded by Veteran professionals.

  • How is SEO Semantic code beneficial for my website?

    An SEO Semantic code ensures a higher visibility and better rankings of your website in popular search engines like such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! We write SEO-friendly code using the best practices and latest SEO standards. For instance, we always use the H1 tag to define the main headline or heading of a web page.

  • Can I also get CSS frameworks such as Blueprint and 960 grid?

    Yes, you can. While our coders are well-trained to unleash the full potential of any CSS framework, we also offer Bootstrap and 1148 grid along with a variety of layout options. However, this falls under our add-on features. So if you want us to use any CSS framework in your project, please specify the same in your order.

  • Would my theme work with Internet Explorer 6?

    We would test your code on Internet Explorer 6 to check if it’s functioning well. In case it doesn’t, we’ll use conditional comments like < !—[if IE6]-->, in multiple CSS files wherever required. We never use any kind of CSS hacks to make a theme/template compatible with IE6.

WordPress (4)
  • Can I get a new theme for my existing WordPress site keeping my current content usable?

    Yes, you can. In this case, we would like to have a closer look at both your old database and your current theme's functionality to get an idea about how it's been done in it. And accordingly, we'll come up with a suitable solution for it.

  • What is a Custom Post Type in WordPress?

    It’s a special WordPress feature that allows you to create a diverse variety of content for your blog/website. Currently, there are 7 post types that come with every WordPress installation by default: Post, Page, Attachment, Revision, Navigation Menu, Custom CSS, and Changesets. In WordPress v 3.0 or higher, you’re able to add your own custom post type and use it in a variety of ways.

  • Can PHP be used in WordPress widgets?

    Yes, why not? There's a WordPress plug-in that empowers us to do so. For this, we would need to examine your request in detail.

  • What does it mean by an Additional Page Template?

    It simply means that after building a WordPress theme, you can put individual web pages in a particular custom web page template. The resulting template would then prevail over the previous default template that is incorporated in the theme.

JavaScript (4)
  • How can I explain JavaScript specifications or Rollovers in a Photoshop Design File to you?

    Just keep the Rollovers in separate 'layers' and explain them to us as per your requirements or specifications. Use the same technique for JavaScript. For instance, if it’s a slideshow, keep every slide in a separate Photoshop layer.

  • Are JavaScript and Ajax an option with you?

    Yes, they very much are. Our experienced backend developers and highly skilled front-end coders ensure that you get the high-quality code from our end. Both JavaScript and Ajax come falls under our add-ons feature. Besides, we also make use of jQuery.

  • Can JavaScript be customized too?

    Yes, it can certainly be customized.

  • Does JavaScript function on mobile devices too?

    The JavaScript functions flawlessly on most of the mobile devices but always keep in mind that not all mobile devices support JavaScript. It depends totally on whether or not the mobile device supports JavaScript. And whenever it won't be possible from our end, we would inform you about it beforehand.

Implementation (4)
  • What all do I get at the quoted price?

    The amount displayed on our order now section includes the selected CMS functionality. The final theme covers the web pages that are available there in the markup.

  • Can you install the theme on my server?

    Yes, we can but for this, we would need certain details from your end, like HTTP link, FTP access, phpMyAdmin access, etc.

  • To whom would the final theme belong?

    Obviously to the client! You being a client will have the exclusive rights for the developed theme. It means you can use it on your own website as well as sell it to anyone, anytime.

  • Can a theme be created around a given markup?

    By all means! Just let us examine your HTML and CSS files. After scrutinizing them, we would tell you if the current markup is good enough for implementation or you need a fresh, new markup for your website.

Email Templates (5)
  • Is the email template you code compatible with Outlook 2007? If yes, then compatibility with what other Email clients do you provide?

    Yes. We convert your designs to fully functional HTML newsletters that are compatible with all major email clients, including Microsoft Outlook 2007, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, Opera M2, AOL Webmail, Apple Mail, Outlook Express, and more.

  • Will my email newsletter work well with Mail Chimp and other email marketing service providers?

    Yes, our email newsletters work well with almost all email marketing service providers, including MailChimp and GetResponse.

  • Does Video play in Video emails?

    Yes, videos will definitely play in supported email clients such as Apple Emails and Android Native Apps. However, for rest of the email clients that don’t support videos yet, users will see a fallback image with a link to the original video page.

  • How do you test your email templates?

    We test converted email template across 48+ email clients and devices to make sure it’s working flawlessly everywhere.

  • Can you import my email template to my email marketing service provider’s account?

    Yes, we can do this for all email marketing service providers including MailChimp, GetResponse and Campaign Monitor.

Mobile Templates (2)
  • Do you provide Compatibility with Android?

    Yes, along with Android, we also provide compatibility with other popular mobile operating systems such as iOS, Firefox Mobile, Opera Mobile, and BlackBerry.

  • What about the speed of my mobile website?

    The speed will definitely be faster than most mobile websites.