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Conversion Tracking Tools
28 May

Top 5 Online Conversion Tracking Tools You Should Use

February 15, 2019

Google Analytics is one of the top rated online conversion tracking tools that people use to analyze their web visitors behavior, their preferences, etc. But it can’t be termed as a complete tool to keep track of your online conversion, and to know what your users like and dislike. That’s because, there are various limitations to Google Analytics, and it doesn’t present you with the right picture.

So based on your actual business needs, you can choose from a wide range of conversion tracking tools that can really help you understand your consumers’ behavior, time they spend on your website, and keep an eye on their clicks in real time. And to make the selection process much easier, we have come up with a great list of top 5 online conversion tracking tools you should use provided below.

  • SmarterStats

    SmarterStats - Conversion Tracking Tool

    SmarterStats is one of the most popular web analytics tool as it uses over 100 different reporting parameters to analyze your web traffic, and provides you with Search Engine Optimization tools to help you manage your SEO campaign and to let you tune your website’s overall performance. You can access SmaterStats on the go, and it also meets all the EU privacy guidelines. With this tool, you can see who visits your site, where the visits are coming from and moving on to what pages, what’s the peak time when most of the visits come, access and analyze data reports across months, week, days and even hours. It also reports web page errors like 404 and 500, page loading speed, bandwidth leakage, etc.

    With its Search Engine Optimization tools, you can analyze your competitors’ strategy, which will help you outperform them. It also lets you research new and performing keywords for your site.

  • Spring Metrics

    Spring-Metrics - Conversion Tracking Tool

    Spring Metrics Conversion Tracking tool is one of the easiest tools to use to analyze your business prospects’ behavior. It offers a personalized dashboard to see all your real-time conversion stats, which includes visitors, bounce rate, revenue conversion, conversion rate, etc. With Spring Metrics, you can get real time conversion analytics & intelligence, and information about your top converting sources and analyze your landing pages.

    Configuring Spring Metrics on your website doesn’t need you to be an expert in web technology, in fact, with its Spring Box technology you just need to specify your conversion pages. In other words it’s like point, click and done. It also offers keyword analytics and intelligence, which lets you select the keywords that are capable of driving conversion on your website. Additionally, it also sends a report comprising of all the critical metrics from the previous day.

  • Mint

    Mint - Conversion Tracking Tool

    Mint is also a great web analytics tool, which is highly popular in ecommerce industry. Once it is integrated on a website, it starts working instantly. In its report, it displays Visits, Referrers, Searches, Pages, Bird Feeder, User Agent 007, and Real Estate. You can analyze the visits for the past day, week, month, and year, and it will display the total page views and unique visitors based on your preferences. In Bird Feeder, it shows how people are subscribing to your feeds for the past week, month, and year.

    Additionally, it also reports click-through from individual feed items, and displays the pages in two categories, which includes most popular and most recently accessed. And in case, if you are running out of time for some reasons, you can flag the respective pages for later reviewing. Its ‘Real Estate’ feature can help you identify and convert a lead into sales by providing you inputs about your consumer’s screen size, and browsers’ width and height.

    All in all, Mint is an easy to install and use conversion tracking tool, which also work smooth on any device and screen size.

  • GoSquared

    GoSquared - Conversion Tracking Tool

    GoSquared is one of the most impressive web analytics tools you may have ever seen, as it starts providing the information about a visitor as soon as he lands on any page of your site. With such real-time metrics on your site, you can easily see who’s online on your site, the popular content on your website, and the referrals, which includes Sites, Social Network, etc. With GoSquared installed on your site you can easily analyze your top content, traffic sources, compare between today and yesterday’s traffic, which will help you improve your strategy and convert most of your visitors into sales.

    In addition to this, it has partnered with Olark, and lets you integrate live chat to engage with your visitors in the real time, and turn them into sales. You can also export your data reports in any format your want from its API.

  • Chartbeat

    Chartbeat -Conversion Tracking Tool

    If real-time monitoring is what you want on your site, then Chartbeat would be the perfect choice. It represents the entire analytics into a well readable and understandable format, which can be easily understood by a person who is not into data analysis. It can tell you how much time a visitor spend on your site, what pages did he like more, and did he browse through the site from top to bottom or just moved on to pages by pages and went away at the end.

    Additionally, it also informs you about the visitors’ location so that you can interact with them using a more personal approach like as if you already know them. Currently it is being used by some of the world renowned companies like EA Sports, Fox News, foursquare, etc.

We hope these conversion tracking tools will help you take your online business long way. So don’t forget to drop in your comments or feedbacks about any of the above listed conversion analytics tools.