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20 May

Ruby Vs Python: A battle between high level object oriented programming languages

October 27, 2017

Nearly everyone that knows about web-development knows about the most popular programming languages such as PHP and HTML. However, in addition to these two there are a number of programming languages available that can be used for coding web-pages, and out of them the two most used languages are Ruby and Python. Both these programming languages can be used to implement any type of functionality in a web-page and both are used extensively to create large scale and small scale projects. Thus it was eventuality that they end up as competitors for more popularity and this is visible through the twitter profile of Python Software foundation, and Ruby on Rails

Both Ruby and Python are considered as high level programming languages and both utilizes concepts of object oriented programming in their syntax. Python was designed to allow programmers to implement functional codes with as few lines a s possible, thus its syntax utilizes concepts that enhance code readability. Ruby on the other hand, combines syntax element of another programming language, Pearl, and Smalltalk. Thus these Ruby and Python are very similar in nature so their competition is just as equal. Ruby has been active for more than 2300 days on Twitter, nearly thousand days more than Python, and thus has more number of followers than python. Python, however, has more number of tweets and has a better engagement rate than Ruby.

All in all both languages are very popular among hard core programmers and by now both have developed a dedicated fan group for themselves consisting of their loyal programmers. What is still left to be seen is which group comes ahead in the future.

rubby v/s python infographic