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19 Oct

HTML5 Is More Favored Than The Average Mobile Applications

November 24, 2017

Mobile devices use a number of applications for developing consistent utility for consumers. M-commerce from browsing, integrated e-commerce are the latest developing trends for the main mobile strategy. Applications that have led to making m-commerce is a lot faster as well as convenient for people from all ages and regions. It has encouraged many developers to come up with newer applications as the new markup HTML5 has a lot more to offer in the mobile space.

Mobile Applications

The use of single applications for all the devices – mobiles and smartphones is becoming lesser in importance. Another interesting feature to build an original application for mobiles is that of an operating system specific feature. The applications for mobiles which are native, involve their own programming. For a given consumer using a mobile needs at least 10 applications. Using the mobile experience for engaging requirements for efficiency is the most important part of the design for mobile communications. Applications for mobile are more than thousands in their number. Apple iTunes has 500,000 applications while Android Marketplace has near about 450,000 applications. These are both free and paid applications.

Mobile Website Designs

Mobile applications are providing solutions for content to be hosted for all kinds of Smartphones and handheld devices. These applications are not the only basis for developing well designed content. Optimizing content from these applications for m-commerce from easier communications could also be originally made using HTML5 that has numerous advantages. A responsive website design from HTML5 and CSS3 have started to leverage a better marketing for these applications. While the mobile technology has influenced customer engagements, it has definitely affected the marketing budgets. Therefore these budgets for marketing have to be included for changes differently. A larger budget for marketing designed mobile applications is leading the way to a better m-commerce.

Common width designs of the websites cannot be applied to mobiles. There are a number of new devices integrated with applications like mobile phones, netbooks and tablet devices. Website for mobile needs a new width for the feature designs as also have different applicability for other devices. Websites for mobile devices need to be more adaptive and adjusts to the resolutions for screen sizes.

Apps development from HTML5

Utilizing and inducing better features, HTML5 has gained a lot more in terms of website development and design for browsers. Better data management is ensured from text boxes, charts, graphs, game components. Website design and development follows a high quality level with better loading speed for an improved user experience. The designs for cross browser applications, mobiles and Smartphones are suitably handled from HTML5. Advancing these previous versions of the HTML without plugin and third party software is an added feature. New application development can be combined with GPS or other cellular Geolocation as well.

With a large number of developments, the unique characteristics of mobile commerce are necessarily influencing further changes. A high churn out rate of mobiles needs a better testing software. An important aspect of designing mobile websites requires to know usage patterns for apps. Frequency, usage length, tracking and identifying returning users are aspects that must be taken into account before a designer can put his or her effort.

Mobile experience and utility can be gauged from the fact that 85% of all new handsets can access the web. Other news reports and researches have cited that about 80% of all mobile users access Emails from a handheld device. Mobile shoppers have increased from 75% to almost about 93% in 2011.


Website designs for mobiles today are different owing to their uniqueness and marketability. Applications for mobiles are common while the new markup language HTML5 offers other well-defined characteristic features. Developing the need for building better testing software and applications HTML5 has gained new grounds in mobile device based applications development.