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20 Nov

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Social networking and bookmarking site

Social media optimization (SMO) is a serious business today and social bookmarking sites and social news sites are an integral part of it. With all the big search engines now giving attention to your brand following in Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to decide the ranking of your site in a search, SMO is now as important as search engine optimization if not even bigger. With this post we wish to provide you with a list of websites that can act as your source for social news, networking, and bookmarking sites that you can use to promote and publicize your blog or site.

If you have done some research or have any inkling about Social Bookmarking, you would sure know about some of the most popular social networking and social bookmarking sites such as Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Stumbleupon.com, Digg.com, Reddit.com, Delicious.com, Technorati.com, Squidoo.com, and Pinterest.com. These sites have a very wide reach and if your post is interesting enough to earn a front page, you will instantly get thousands of visitors. So if you are thinking about increasing your traffic, posting on these sites is a must.

However these are not the only sites that are out there. There are a number of other social bookmarking sites that are giving a hard competition to above mentioned bigwigs and already garnering popular support in the Social Media Optimization sector. Also there is nothing to lose by posting in some additional site to increase the awareness of your brand, product, or even about yourself. So here we focused on some of the not so famous sites that still have a large and dedicated following.

Some important sites having high page rank

Diigo : Diigo an acronym of “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff” is an innovative social bookmarking site that gives added benefit of highlighting a webpage of putting a sticky page on it. It is a great site to do dynamic research.


Preview of Diigo

Youmob : Focusing on increasing traffic for your website and blog, along with increasing your followers, youmob is a great social news site to post your content especially if it is dedicated to a single category such as sports, science, technology, business etc. Even if you don’t have any special category and just want to tell someone about something, don’t worry, youmob also has a section to write out whatever is in your mind.

Youmob - Social Bookmarking

Preview of Youmob

 Bizsugar : Bizsugar is dedicated to promote small scale companies. Just like the rest, it has a voting system to take a post to front page. However after it goes to front page, it gets published in bizsugar newsletter, twitter posts, and widget posts, giving the post a wider audience.

Bizsugar - Social Bookmarking Sites

Preview of Bizsugar

Connotea : The ultimate aim of a bookmarking site is to “bookmark”, i.e. save a webpage in an organized fashion. Well, Connotea has achieved mastery in this. Aimed mainly at researchers and scientists, the site saves and categorizes your preferences and suggests you what to read on a save tag according to research of other users.

Connotea - Social Bookmarking

Preview of Connotea

Folkd : It offers a good bookmarking facility along with an easy to use browsing system. You can voteup and promote anything that catches your attention and post anything ranging from videos, texts, and images. You can also see what your friends liked and share what you liked with them via Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

Folkd - Source for Social News

Preview of Folkd

Dropjack : Another great site with the voting system than drops a post. A post that is spam or offensive or gets to many drop down votes is dropped. Only members can add a post however no members can vote on posts and share the same with their friends via facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reditt, del.icio.us, Yahoo!, Blinklist, Google+, friend feed, and Stumble upon. Yep, a great feature of Dropjack is this long list of sharing site.

Dropjack - Social Bookmarking

Preview of Dropjack

Segnalo.virgilio : An Italian website, Virgilio has a very reach especially in Europe. It is written in Italian so it is difficult to use but its wide reach and lots of business posts every day are major plus points. Even though it’s an Italian site, major posts are in English.


Preview of Segnalo.virgilio

Newsvine : A combination of social news and world news website with an added bonus of bookmarking service. Newsvine give you access to news published by well known media sites such as Associated Press and ESPN at a single site. You can also post your content, comment on posts, and vote on the posts.

Newsvine - Source for Social News

Preview of Newsvine

Blinklist : A state of the art bookmarking service that is highly useful and easy to learn. It also lets you create your own news that you can publish and promote. With over 450,000 registered users, it has a wide reach.

Blinklist - Socail Bookmarking Site

Preview of Blinklist

Friendfeed : A great news aggregator i.e. it gathers news from different types of social media, bookmarking, and social networking websites and posts them on a single platform for you to view and comment upon. It’s a hugely popular site that is visited by around million visitors per month.


Preview of Friendfeed

Twittorati : A sub site of tecnoratti.com, twittorati is also an aggregator site that follows and copies tweets of major bloggers and technorati writes to a single page. With technorati being one of the best blog searchers, a post published on technorati and subsequently twittorati can take your visitor count to a new high.


Preview of Twittorati

Mister Wong : Mister wong is one of the largest social media and bookmarking site in Europe. It has over one million users from around the globe and thus provides your posts a large exposure.

Mister Wong - Socail Bookmark

Preview of Mister Wong

Hatena : One other site that is largely overlooked in the United States but have a large following in Japan. Earning the rank of the most popular bookmarking site of Japan, Hatena offers number of services such as a micro-blog, blog post rating, and messaging. It also offer a Deviant-art and Youtube styled flipbook service to share your images and videos.


Preview of Hatena

Design Float : An authority website used primarily by web designers and graphic designers. Along with being a refuge of web design information, design float could be used to promote your product or site to a large audience. This site is frequented heavily by developers and programmers of all kinds and hence a necessary site to post in if you deal in development and programming.

Design Float - Social Bookmarking Sites

Preview of Design Float

Some other site that you can checkout