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Wordpress vs. Wix Comparison Report
01 Mar

WordPress Vs. Wix : Comparison Report Infographic

There is a bit of similarity between both of them-like both giveaway free websites for one. In theory some might be comparing the two, but industry insiders are of the belief that WordPress leaves Wix far behind in popularity.

Still we’ll give Wix, a fair shot.

WordPress came about in the year 2003 as a self hosted blogging platform, gained popularity, left Blogger behind and was soon accepted by developers and novices alike with open arms for building websites. All for free.

Around the year 2004 Wix was supposed to be the first open source platform coming from Microsoft’s table. It eventually came out in the year 2006 and became quite popular.

The current day statistics would reveal a sharper contrast. Around 17% of the World’s websites run on WordPress which literally means one out of every eight websites are made on it. About 391 million individuals take a look at over 3.6 billion webpages every month on WordPress. WordPress powers over 61 million websites today.

While Wix has currently around 25 million websites made on it. Besides, around 30 thousand websites are made on it every day, which is quite huge. The websites have HTML5 features too, and are evolving by the day.

Another huge difference is made by the enormous community of WordPress- that contributes a host of plugins, themes and widgets which is somewhat not the case with Wix (and even if such a community does exist for Wix, it nowhere gets close to the size of WordPress’s community).

WordPress is a hit amongst sophisticated Developers, and has patrons like The Wall Street Journal Law Blog, The Ford Story which are amongst the fortune 500 websites.

Wix too has a huge fan following, but few famous names are on it. So, it has to catch up on a lot, if it really wishes to give WodPress a run for its money.
Here’s an Infographic on WordPress Vs. Wix on the basis of their popularity on Twitter and Facebook.

Wix’s Reach on Twitter and WordPress’s reach on Twitter might be a reveler.

But a bigger reveler is that – even though WordPress’s fame is incomparable, you’d see that the number of Facebook ‘Likes’garnered by Wix are more than WordPress. i.e., WordPress is liked lesser on Facebook than WIX. Hard to believe? Take a look.

wordpress-vs-wix Infographic