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Free Photographers Wordpress Themes
19 Jan

Top 5 free wordpress themes for Photographers

To increase your business in this global environment, it is important to establish a good internet presence and to show off your achievements to the world. And for photographers who wish to take their business to a global scale, it is achieved only by creating a nice and attractive website. However creating your own website is a time consuming and expensive process, especially for those who don’t have a training in technical aspects of web development.

To answer this and to make the process of building websites easier, a number of open source Content Management System software have been developed, and out of them WordPress is the most popular one. It is easy to use, highly customizable, and search engine friendly. So if you want to create your site from scratch or wish to revamp your site to match modern website standards and trends, WordPress is the best tool.

The first step in designing the look and feel of your site is by deciding the main theme of your WordPress site. But finding a right free theme out of millions of paid and free themes available on the internet that suits your business perfectly, can be a major problem. Therefore we bring you top 5 free themes that you can use for making your photo gallery or photo portfolio site that will highlight your images.



Photo is a free responsive and elegant WordPress theme that is made specifically for creating a photo gallery. It has a built in slider, a dedicated option panel, social networking site buttons, and most importantly a responsive design, i.e., anyone can view your site using any type of device such as smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs or any other portable device. It also has a very simple design that does not take attention away from your images.

Free WordPress Photo Theme

Download free WordPress Photo Theme
Design – 9/10
User friendliness – 9/10
Customizability – 7/10
Suitability – 9/10
Photo – Free WordPress Theme For Photographers
Overall Rating – 8.5 / 10 stars



Targeted specifically for photographers and designers, Snapshot is one of the best themes to use for your photo gallery. The most unique feature about this theme is its big slider on the home page. The slider displays the featured images of all your posts along with their titles. In addition the Snapshot theme has a dedicated theme options panel through which you can customize slider transitions, background, and site messages. The theme also embeds social sharing buttons in each post.

Free WordPress SnapShot Theme

Download Free WordPress SnapShot Theme
Design – 9/10
User friendliness – 7/10
Customizability – 6/10
Suitability – 9/10
SnapShot – Free WordPress Theme For Photographers
Overall Rating – 7.75 / 10 stars



A relatively new theme, Foto is simple, light and highly customizable. It has a big built in slider that displays the featured images of all posts. In addition you can feature a custom number of posts on your home page. The best feature of this theme is its customizability. You can add your own CSS to dictate the look of the site or use many available features of a small and simple theme panel to customize main features of the theme. It also has an RSS feeder support.

Free WordPress foto Theme

Download Free WordPress foto Theme
Design – 7/10
User friendliness – 7/10
Customizability – 9/10
Suitability – 8/10
Foto – Free WordPress Theme For Photographers
Overall Rating – 7.75 / 10 stars


#Sliding Door

One of the most downloaded and best rated themes on WordPress.org, Sliding door has a simple and elegant design, which when combined with a unique image slider on the header, will highlight your colored images. It is also a great blog building theme and is thus ideal for photographers who want to write about the underlying story and inspiration of particular images. Sliding door is the best freely available theme for making a Photo Blog.

Free WordPress Sliding Door Theme

Download Free WordPress Sliding Door Theme
Design – 9/10
User friendliness – 5/10
Customizability – 5/10
Suitability – 7/10
Sliding Door – Free WordPress Theme For Photographers
Overall Rating – 6.5 / 10 stars


#Pin Black

It’s the simplest possible WordPress themes for displaying posts having images. It displays featured images of each posts right on the home page to allow easy access to every post and at the same time displaying every image. No complicated customization is required and no complicated settings are required, it just needs a simple and bold header with thumbnails of every posts.

Free WordPress Pin Black Theme

Download Free WordPress Pin Black Theme
Design – 5/10
User friendliness – 8/10
Customizability – 5/10
Suitability – 7/10
Pin Black – Free WordPress Theme For Photographers
Overall Rating – 6.25 / 10 stars