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iPAD and iPhone video formats tools
08 Feb

Tools to make video formats compatible with iPAD and iPhone

Videos are one of the most popular sources of entertainment for the mankind. In fact, in this tech savvy world, people sitting in offices, clubs, etc. like to watch videos- be it for learning purposes, for entertainment or for both. Considering the immense popularity of videos amongst people of all age groups, many companies working in a variety of sectors that include educational, industrial, non-profit, etc., have started to interact with their own end-users via videos (using a variety of platforms, including YouTube, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, etc).

However, most of the video sharing platforms use flash player to serve their users with high quality videos. But now, the scenario has started to change since HTML5 (the latest version of hypertext markup language), Apple iPhone and iPad have come into existence.

That’s because, iPhone and iPad don’t support flash, but all the existing web browsers only support flash based videos. However, with the availability of HTML5, flash based videos can now be played on modern day browsers by converting those videos in the supported formats, namely; MP4, WebM, and Ogg.

The MP4 videos can also be played on iPhone and iPad, as they use H.264 video codec. In addition to this, these two smart devices can also play videos in three more formats that include .m4v, .mov, and .avi. But now the question arises- how are we going to play or convert different video formats to the one that’s supported by the all three, web browsers, iPhone and iPad. This blog post would unveil the list of most useful video converters, with which you can convert any video into the one that is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and web browsers. So here’s the list.

  • Miro Video Converter :-

    It is an open source video converter, and no matter what video format you have with you, Miro Video Converter can handle almost any video format and convert that to MP4, Ogg, Theora, WebM formats. Moreover, with Miro Video Converter (MVC) you can convert a video to any other format which are supported by Android, iPad and iPhone, and can even change its size according to your needs, as it provides the facility to customize the size. Some of the popular Android devices that MVC supports include a wide range of Smartphones manufactured by Samsung, HTC, and Motorola.

    Along with MVC, you can also download the Miro Video player, with which you can play any video format file. It also offers a unique feature, which lets you surf and play music from websites like YouTube within the Video player. The best thing about this video converter is that it is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux Source.

  • Aura DVD Ripper :-

    Aura DVD Ripper is one of the most widely preferred Video Converter tools produced till now. As it supports 27 different video formats for input files, and can convert them into 24 different formats, which include the ones that are compatible with iPhone, iPad and other websites. In addition to this, the converted files can be played on more than 100 types of Smartphones and media players.

    The only thing that restricts this awesome tool from becoming the ultimate source of video conversion is that it only works on Windows platform. But still, if you talk about its features, it is definitely the leader amongst all other tools available.

  • Free Video Converter :-

    As the name itself suggests, Free Video Converter (FVC) doesn’t cost a single penny, but it’s not like many other free things that look great before use, and fails to deliver in the end, as FVC works like a charm. With FVC you can convert 200+ video formats into the one that is compatible with all three; Websites, iPad and iPhone. It completes its tasks within quick time and consumes less CPU usage, and you can even covert online videos to your suitable formats.

    Moreover, it also empowers its users with an in-built video editor, with which you can cut, join, rotate, limit size, and adjust your videos to aspect ratio.

  • CUDA Video Converter :-

    CUDA Video Converter is the most powerful video format conversion tool ever produced, as it can take video input in 300+ available formats, and convert them according to your requirements be it for web, iPhone, iPod or any other device. It can even convert an SD video to HD and vice versa. This application is also available for free, which makes it more interesting to use. Its operating panel has got easy to use interface and looks sleek and intuitive. Moreover, with this tool, you can edit your videos in any manner you want.

  • Any Video Converter Pro :-

    Any Video Converter Pro is a paid tool for video format conversion, which along with format conversion also lets users to download YouTube videos, edit and Burn them into DVDs (if required). This software application comes in two different versions for Windows and Mac OSX each. With it, you can convert videos in formats which work impeccably with iPad, iPhone and the web, for example; WebM and Ogg. Moreover, with AVC Pro you can edit your videos too, and even add your own subtitles to the output video.

So if you are looking to convert your video formats into the ones that are played by iPhone and iPad, then try out any of the tools listed above and let us know about your feedback on them by dropping a comments below.