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05 Dec

Search by Hashtag Web Design: Infographic showing its Analytics and Journey

We are sharing today Hashtag Analysis of “Webdesign”

Creating Infographics is a responsibility of a graphics designer, which also contribute his best effort in web designing. So if you are a graphics designer, it is imperative for you to stay active on twitter and follow a wide vareity of twitter accounts to stay in touch with the latest technology that comes into Web designing. In addition to this, ‘#’ or hashtags are quite popular to make your tweets go viral within seconds. However, there is a certain life of a hashtag, and to describe it better, we have createad an inforgraphic using Visual.ly detailing the life of “#Webdesign” tag on twitter in the past month i.e., November 2012. The Inforgraphic contains the thorough analysis like the most preferntial user on the first day of the month, who used #Webdesign in his tweets, the most prominent user on the day when #Webdesign peaked in the entire month, etc.