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21 Feb

Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest: Image Sharing Giants Comparision [Infographic]

Whether you’re a developer, designer, student, office worker or just a home user, you need a place where you can upload, organize and share your photos online. Fortunately, there’re dozens of high quality photo sharing websites that allow you to upload and share your digital photos easily. To choose best out of them, which can fulfill your photo sharing needs, is really a confusing task.

To help you select the best image sharing site, we’ve designed an infographic for comparing three image sharing giants – Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest – on the basis of their three specific metrics: page, social and domain. When we talk about page specific metrics, we’ve found that Flickr and Pinterest have the same page authority i.e. 97, while Instagram gets the third position with page authority 96. In case of page specific metrics, we can see that Flickr and Pinterest have nearly similar metrics.

When we move on social metrics, we can see that Instagram has more Twitter followers and Facebook likes in comparison to Pinterest and Flickr. But in reference to domain specific metrics, Pinterest is the king everywhere, whether it’s domain authority, global Alexa rank or daily page views. When we compared the bounce rate of these three sites, we’ve analyzed that the bounce rate of Flicker is surprisingly less than Pinterest and Instagram.

For more info, scroll down and go through the infographic.

infographic : Instagram vs Flickr vs Pinterest

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