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18 Feb

Essential Features on a PSD to HTML Service Provider Website

PSD to HTML Service Providers are always considered as the experts in Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other markup languages. When a customer visits their Website then he/she not only looks for adequate information but also scan the Website for all the features like code quality, position of elements and other things. Branded clients, customers with bulk order and competitors always test your Website on different parameters like W3C Validation, Cross-browser Compatibility, Page Loading Speed etc. If you are going to launch your PSD to HTML or PSD to CSS or any other Theme Conversion service Website or already have it, then you are landed up at a good place. In this article, we will discuss all the essential features to be present on a Markup Conversion Website.

Code Quality

The Code Quality of your Website plays an important role. May be the end users does not rate it while visiting your Website but search engine robots and browsers are crawling each line of its code. If the code is not written properly then the Website either may look scattered in browsers or search engines cannot crawl it properly for assigning good rank to the pages. In addition, the mediocre code quality can affect other parameters like page loading speed, navigation methods, integration of third-party features etc.

The code of a professional PSD to HTML service provider should be

  1. clean and tidy,
  2. W3C Validated (both Markup & CSS),
  3. properly commented,
  4. compatible with major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera
  5. compatible with major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Ubuntu,
  6. optimized well for good page loading speed
  7. compatible with both IE 6 and IE 9
  8. compatible for mobile devices, if you’re offering mobile compatibility,

Unique, original & adequate Information

Again, we are iterating the same thing ‘Content is the King’. Yes, it is true even critical updates like Google Panda and Blekko Spam Watch also proves the same thing. A good PSD to HTML Service Provider should have original, non-spammy, less keyword targeted and unique content on its Website to have more business opportunities. In addition, the Website should only have adequate information only. For example, do not have banners of discounts or offers if you’re not offering any such thing. In addition, the Home Page should disclose only those features, which you’re including in your default packages. Additional features like Mobile Compatibility, iPad Compatibility, WCAG Compatibility, Commented Markup etc., for which you are charging extra, should be marked properly with conditional notations such as *, #, +, 1, 2 etc.

Communication Channels

Communication Channels like Phone Number, Live Chat, Email Address, Contact Form and Instant Messenger IDs should be placed properly on the Website. If you are providing a toll free number then mention it with the words “Toll Free” or use the location name to specify it like USA: “ “, India “  “ etc. In addition, it is advisable to mention the availability timings of communication channels like Live Chat, IMs and Phone Numbers. While providing email address and at Contact us page, mention the expected time duration in which a person can expect a reply from your side.

Request for Quote

Even if your Website has a nicely designed Order page with all the necessary features and options, still it is required to have a ‘Request for Quote’ section. Still some clients need a separate quote for their wok or bulk order. Allow the visitors to upload the files at such sections and contact you to get a customized quote. Make sure to disclose the time period within which you’ll reply them back with a price estimation of their work.

Making it a safe place for online payment

You should make your Website a safe place to receive online payments. While making a payment, a client specify critical information like Credit Card details, Personal Information, personal contact number etc. all these information should be kept at a secured place/server. You are also required to clarify the security of visitors/clients’ personal, technical and financial details in Privacy Policy. In addition, the Refund Policy should clearly specify the situations where you’ll give a partial or full refund of their payments. You can also make available the links of Refund Policy, Money Back Guarantee and other legal documentation on the order page itself.

Legal Documentation

The legal documents like Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Money Back Guarantee, Best Price Guarantee, Satisfaction Guarantee etc. should be clearly stated on your Website in simple and easy-to-understand language. The links to these documents should not be broken at any cost and are placed adequately on Home Page, on Order page and in Footer. When a client browses these documents he/she should clearly understand all the things mentioned at very first place. This will help him to decide quickly whether he/she is going to buy your PSD to HTML Conversion service or not.

Turnaround Time

Each service provider have a different strategy and structure, thus has a different turnaround time. This turnaround time also depends upon several factors like clients’ requirement, design complexity, number of pages, and other factors. We suggest you to show a fix turnaround time at Home Page with a start (*) and mention turnaround time variations if a client’s requirement changes.

Accurate Pricing

The price of default packages should be clearly stated on the Home Page and Order page. IN addition, you should also specify the included features and markup format with the package price without requiring more clicks from the client side. The pricing at your order page should change adequately and notify the client with change in a large Pricing box when he/she add-ons any feature or choose less turnaround.

Keep Original Clientele

We advise you to only mention the clients with which you’ve actually worked. Who knows a recent visitor or client contact the companies mentioned in your clientele to take feedback of your services. You are also required to keep the proof of your interaction with the companies included in your clientele, even if you keep such proofs hidden.


Portfolio section contains the sample code and designs converted by you earlier. Few techie clients, persons with bulk orders, or your competitors often keep a track of the samples mentioned in this section. They are also free to view the code and test it on parameters like Cross-browser compatibility, page loading speed and other things. Therefore, we suggest you to keep only those sample codes, which pass all the famous tests like W3C Validation, Cross-browser Compatibility, page Loading Speed etc.

Declaring exact Location & Time Zone

Today, we are living in a Global World where location is not a bar. But it turns into a bar when it comes to provide support or communication within a bounded time. Suppose you are located in the Asia Pacific but have clients in the United States. You’ve promised them 8 hour delivery and they ordered a PSD to HTML Conversion at 11:00AM PST, which will be a night time in your location and your team is not present. If you are not offering 24*7 support and delivery, then it becomes quite necessary to disclose your time zone.

In addition, showing your location will add more credibility in the clientele, visitors and search engines. Suppose you’ve shown your office location in the United Kingdom so when someone searches on Google.co.uk then your Website will be preferred more than others as you are located in the same area where the person is searching.

Disclosing Correct Support Details

Almost each PSD to HTML service provider offer a free technical support for fix duration. You should disclose the support period, day & timing of the support, and communication channels for the support. It is also advised to mention the time zone while declaring the support timings.

Payment Modes

The clients to order PSD to HTML conversion are not coming from common places. Your Website will get orders from all around the globe. Therefore, you should support the common payment modes and declare them clearly at your Website, especially at order page.

Payment Terms

As a market trend, you can ask your client to pay 100% in advance. Still you are free to leverage the clients to pay partially or fully after getting the code. You should specify the payment term clearly on the order page. If it is not 100% in advance then you can declare how much a client has to pay in advance, how much after the delivery and is there any charge for this facility?

Easy-to-use Order Page

The order page should be self explanatory. The default packages should disclose what they offer and there should be the options to select the add-ons manually. Do not be clever to automatically add the add-ons in the order page.


No Website is perfect still one can follow above parameters to make its Website much better for more business opportunities. We invite our readers and PSD to HTML professionals to pass on their valuable feedback about this article and suggestion to make the Website more useful for clients.