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28 Sep

Apple Vs Android devices on HTML5

HTML5, which has emerged as one of the major web technologies for the development of mobile content is creating waves amongst web development experts. The Hyper Text Markup Language version 5 is not only considered as an ideal mobile solution of the future by the developers, but it is also considered as a key element to boost mobile commerce.

Today with the growing trend of Smart phones and other mobile devices like tablets and net books, each business wants to flourish by making their presence felt amongst their prospects through these devices across the globe. In such a scenario, HTML5 plays a vital role in developing CSS3 based mobile websites that can be operated from any mobile device in a hassle free mode. Compatible with all major browsers and operating systems, including IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc., and Android from Google, Windows from Microsoft, iOS from Apple respectively, HTML5 is a perfect web technology for developing mobile applications and responsive designs for websites, that can be operated from any mobile devices as well as from desktops.

Experts are of the view that in the digital era of twenty first century, Hyper Text Markup Language version 5 has evolved as one of the innovative web standards on the World Wide Web, and is going to be the future of the web industry. Such predictions by industry experts have urged the web developers to adapt to the platform so that they can provide a consistent experience to the end –users without the need to deal with much technicality.

However, with experts declaring this ‘multi platform content enabler’ as the prospect of the web solution providing industry, leading operating system providers like Google and Apple have optimized their platforms  not only to run HTML5 driven content and applications smoothly, but with speed and effeciency. No doubt, that the resizing of an image or a piece of content will definitely cut down the loading time by accelerating the speed of the site, but the social game supplier Spaceport.io is of the view that Apple has outshined Google’s Android platform in the competition by rendering content three times faster .

iOs Vs Android

According to the repeated tests conducted by Spaceport, for HTML 5 driven mobile applications, it was found that Apple’s iPad 2 performs three times faster than that of Android devices. According to the tests, which were conducted to judge the performance of an HTML5 driven game application on both the devices, it was found that although Google, which has been advocating HTML5 as one of the huge programming language of the future has failed to keep up with the standard of Apple’s iDevices, which works in association with Apple’s Safari browser. No doubt, Google has prepared its platforms to deal with all kinds of HTML5 based approaches, but compared to Apple’s iOS devices, Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Android 3.0 Honeycomb devices have failed to keep up to the tests .For instance, when the tests were conducted using a number of moving animated images, it was found that Apple’s iPad 2 processed more than 326 images during the given time, while its latest iPhone 4 processed nearly 250 objects followed by Samsung Galaxy Nexus device with 147 objects only , that uses Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Thus, it is seen that the tests that have been carried out across various devices using the same operating System have also shown some variations, topping the lists by  iPad2, followed by iPhone 4 device.  In fact, the tests revealed that Android works well only in devices that uses Ice Cream Sandwich software.


HTML5, which is an amalgamation of CSS3, JavaScript, and other technologies, has been undoubtedly a favorite multi platform content enabler for the web developers  as it saves a lot of time and effort for them, but according to Spaceport, both iOS and Android has a long way to cover as far as HTML5 web applications are concerned. With the rising demand of the consumers, the developers of the platform too have to ascend their creative as well as technical skills to surpass the demands.