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9 Excellent Drupal Modules To Use For Your Website
02 Apr

9 Excellent Drupal Modules To Use For Your Website

It is well established that a Content Management System gains popularity only if it has something valuable to offer to its users. It must cater to the varied requirements of the users and help them develop an efficient website. Though there are several CMSs currently available but only few of them make it to the top in terms of users’ choice and Drupal happens to be one of them.

As a CMS, it scores many points because of its efficiency to create powerful websites. One major factor that has contributed in making it a preferred CMS is its thousands of useful Modules that help create websites having optimum functionality. In order to guide the readers to make use of this flexibility, we hereby present some excellent Drupal Modules which can serve the desired purpose.

Drupal Modules To Make Use Of

Administration Menu

By providing an easy to use administration interface, this module is an ideal choice for Drupal users. All administrative menu items can be easily accessed thus simplifying the task of working with Drupal for beginners, developers and site administrators. The best thing about this module is that it is compatible with all browsers and any of the Drupal themes.

Administration Menu


The Module provides control over the presentation of lists and tables of content and is very well suited to create reports, summaries and other similar content. It can also take up the task of building a query, executing it and then displaying the results. For this reason, it is referred to as a smart query builder. To install Views on Drupal 7, Chaos Tool Suite is required.


Content Construction Kit (CCK)

CCK is another useful Drupal Module which allows adding custom fields to nodes with the help of a web browser. It can be easily integrated with other modules to increase the functionality. Documentation and tutorials available for this module make it easy for users to start utilizing it.

Google Analytics

With this module, one can easily get the statistics features added to the site. It incorporates Google Analytics web statistics tracking system into a site and enables to keep a check on traffic and its quality. It also enables single or multi domain tracking, examines the types of files downloaded, provides support for Site Search and AdSense along with several other useful functions.


WYSIWYG supports all types of client-side editors and thus facilitates editing of the content. It allows the flexibility to the user to install an Editor of his/her choice without requiring any other Drupal module.


It is an extremely helpful module for users who need to upload files in large numbers.  FileField can also efficiently manage audio and video files for podcasting. Some of its noticeable features include ability to save files into per-field or per-user directories, full revision file management, extensive API, etc.

filefield progress


This is an excellent module that aptly caters to the requirements of an ecommerce site offering a wide range of useful features such as catalog creation, product creation system, single page checkout, product attributes system, etc.  Though it is quite useful but it requires installation of other modules prior to its own installation.


SEO Checklist

As the name suggests, this module helps a great deal in keeping a track of SEO activities that are being done and the areas which need further attention in order to increase the visibility of a Drupal site in major search engines. It helps in maintaining a record which can be referred to in future or shown to clients if required.


With this module, creating an online store or Ecommerce Drupal site is no longer a distant dream. It facilitates adding the required ecommerce features such as setting up a shopping cart or a product page, generating invoice, inventory management, preparing reports etc to a site in a simple manner. Currently it works with Drupal 6 and will soon be upgraded to support Drupal 7 as well.

The above mentioned are only a few of Drupal modules that are meant to help users in their effort of creating effective Drupal sites. We will be back with more on this very soon. Comments and views are welcome.