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25 Jun

Top 5 Tips to Consider In Making Your Online Store Customer-Friendly

October 27, 2017

In recent times, ecommerce industry has witnessed huge growth in the market. Most of the people are looking to start an e-store to exploit their business worldwide. Starting an e-store is not as easy as it sounds; businesses need to consider various things so that they can create one such store that grabs the attention of customers worldwide. On the web, you would find numerous eCommerce development companies that offer eCommerce website development services at competitive rates, but it is important for you to opt for a professional company that understands your requirements and develops a great store.

If you have decided to develop an e-store for your business, make sure to consider these important suggestions that will make your online store customer-friendly. By giving importance to these points, you can develop e-store that your customers expect from your business.

#Make Sure to Give Trustworthy and Attractive Look to your e-store:

When you expand your e-store, make sure to give trustworthy and attractive look to your e-store. You can opt for a clean and professional design to attract your customers on your site and compel them to purchase your products and services.

Try to mention store ratings, security badges and mailing address on your contact page so that your customers do not think twice when they purchase any product from your site. However, you need to avoid some things including expired SSL certificate warning and other messages from your e-commerce site otherwise it breaks the trust of your customers.

#Give Clear Information about Price & Shipping Charges:

Customers like things that are directly mentioned on your site like price, shipping charges and more. They hate any type of hidden charges so make sure to give clear and straightforward information about pricing of products.

There are many e-Commerce websites that offer free shipping service, but charge some amount when they give delivery of the products, so such types of surprises are hated by customers. However, hidden charge is one of the major reasons for cart abandonment, so e-store owners need to provide clear information about product and shipping charges.

#Provide Search Function:

To make your e-store customer-friendly, you need to offer “search” function on your online store so that your customers can easily search your products. We all know that customers like those e-Commerce sites that offer them what they are looking for, so try to serve your customers’ need exceptionally and grab their attention.

If you are running a biggest online store, make sure to go for a “search” function option otherwise you will lose your customers. Apart from this, it is also possible that your customers may expect suggestions, even product results and more from you, so it is also good that you offer some suggestions to your customers while searching.

#Safe & Secure Transactions:

These days, the rate of misleading and unsecured website is increasing resulting into decreasing number of customers. Customers are fond of safe and secure websites that give secure online shopping. You should provide your customers safe and secure transactions on your site so that they trust and like your site and purchase products only from your site.

You may find many customers, who look for privacy policy so, it is highly important to put privacy policy on your website for your customers to gain their trust.

#Testimonials from Your Previous Clients:

According to the various reports, if you keep testimonials of your previous customers on your e-store, it helps you to gain the trust of your new customers. You can mention different testimonials and customer ratings about your products and services as it will be helpful for you to decrease the risk of bad impression and show your website as trustworthy. So, try to mention testimonials and customers reviews or ratings so that you can get lots of benefits.

Closing Thoughts:- So, these are some of the important and effective suggestions to consider if you want to make your online store customer-friendly. These points can help you to increase your sales and profit of your business.

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