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Why Most Bloggers Fail To Make Money
30 Jan

The 8 Biggest Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail To Make Money

Despite the fact that Blogging is one of the most popular and easiest ways to earn money online, over 90% of the bloggers are unable to make any money from their blogging efforts and eventually quit blogging after a few months. No matter how quick and easy the process of creating and running a blog has become with the advent of blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger, making a blog successful and generating a decent amount of income from it is still a difficult-to-achieve dream for many people. Why?

Well, the reasons why most bloggers fail to make any money blogging could be many. Some tend to choose the wrong blog niche, while others are not able to monetize their blog properly. If you’re a blogger who is passing through the same phase of not making anything from blogging, don’t panic. Read out the following eight key reasons why bloggers fail to make money with their blogs, find where you’re failing and try to improve!

Not Having an Adequate and Workable Plan:

Planning is the key to blogging success, so make full use of it. Most of the newbies start a blog without having any big action plan in mind which leads to an improper management of time and resources and eventually results in a big blogging failure. If you ask them how they’ve planned to make money from their blog, they become speechless and to the utmost surprise, most of them don’t even know what they want to achieve with their blog.

Before you even start blogging, it’s imperative that you have a clear plan of action in your mind. Will you create content on your own or hire a professional content writer? Will you make money with Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense or by selling your own advertising space or products? Such kind of questions you should ask before stepping into the world of blogging. Remember, if you fail to plan, you are indeed planning to fail.

Not Picking the Right Niche:

This is probably the main reason why many bloggers fail miserably at making money online. Without carrying out any proper research, they choose either a highly competitive niche or the one that is not capable enough to attract a significant number of visitors. However, no blog niche is bad as long as you’re able to regularly publish useful and informative content that can drive an enormous amount of traffic to your blog.

As niche plays an important role in determining whether or not you’ll be generating money with your blog, you must be extremely careful when picking one for your blog. Find a niche that is less competitive, popular enough, and the one that you’re passionate about. Just follow your passion and the money will definitely follow you soon.

Creating a Blog Solely For Money:

With an ambition to become rich overnight, most people start blogging with the sole intention of making money and quit blogging within a matter of few months when they realize they are not getting their expected amount of money from their blogs. This reflects clearly in their blogging efforts and soon also noticed by their readers. Consequently, they stop visiting the blog and jump to other blogs of the same niche.

While it can be quite obvious for you to start blogging to make money online, the sole purpose of your blog should never just be to earn money. Instead, it should be to establish yourself as an authority by helping others. Keep in mind, blogging is not a get rich quick type of business; it is more like a ‘work hard for free for a long time and then reap your reward’ type of scheme. Thinking of money all the time means you’re inviting the failure.

Expecting to Earn Money without Any Investment:

The downside of blogging is that you’re allowed to do many things for free which any other business would otherwise charge for. From getting free hosting to picking a suitable theme, you can literally start a blog using platforms like Blogger or WordPress.com without investing a single penny. Unfortunately, such free blogging platforms have their own limitations, offer fewer customization options and hardly rank top in search engines.

Just like any other business, blogging also requires a decent amount of investment. In order to run a successful blog that generates money, you have to invest in the right set of tools and services. Invest some money in your blog – at least purchase a custom domain name, buy a blog hosting account, and get a custom blog theme design. Remember, commitment increases with the investment!

Using a Wrong Monetization Method:

As you might have noticed many times, most of the novice bloggers focus solely on using the most popular method of blog monetization, Google AdSense, to earn money from your blogs. However, a sad truth is that it doesn’t work great with every website. To generate revenue with Google AdSense, not only you need to pick a very profitable and high paying niche, but also you’ll have to drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

Just like every blog has its own kind of unique readers, every niche has its own way of monetization. While some niches generate plenty of money with Google AdSense, others only work with monetization techniques such as Affiliate Marketing, selling website ad space directly, offer courses and services, etc. Find what kind of niche your blog is in and use an appropriate monetization method accordingly.

Failing to Build Relationship with Readers:

Do you write and publish blog posts only to please search engines or increase your blog traffic? If so, your blog will never deliver you the desired income results. In order to entice readers to click on your ads or purchase the things you’re promoting on your blog, you must first earn their trust and be someone whom they know and could blindly believe in.

One of the best ways to connect and establish a long-lasting relationship with your readers is by providing helpful solutions to their everyday problems through your blog posts. Instead of presenting yourself as a salesperson, portray yourself as a problem solver or consultant who knows all the ins and outs of a niche-specific problem and is able to provide the right solutions accordingly. Focus on reader retention rather than getting more traffic!

Not Taking Blogging as a Serious Business:

As far as we all know, over 80% of people start their blogs just for fun. They just want to express whatever is on their mind and that’s all! Adopting a “let’s give it a try and see what happens” approach, they treat running their blog as a hobby rather than a serious business or job and consequently end up failing soon due to devoting less time and efforts than that required in a profession.

To turn your blog into a money-making venture, you will have to be serious about blogging and map out enough time for your blog. In other words, if you really want to make money through blogging like all successful and influential bloggers do, never ever take blogging as a hobby or a side business. Rather, treat it as your full time, disciplined 9 to 5 job.

Lack of Having Patience, Passion, and Concentration:

The last reason why people fail to make money with their blogs and quit blogging soon just because of money is that they lack PPC (Patience, Passion, and Concentration) – not to confused with the PPC (Pay-per-click). They want to become a millionaire overnight and that too without doing anything. Due to the lack of adequate patience and focus, once they realize their first blog is not generating money, they move to another one and this chain continues until they quit blogging.

However, the reality is that making money through blogging is not an overnight success. Like any other business, it takes time and sometimes a lot of time. As a matter of the fact, you should forget about making even a single dollar from your blog for at least one year. Just focus on establishing a unique, valuable and credible blog and keep working until you start getting desired income from your blog. Concentrate on one blog in the beginning and once you have successfully established it, you can create and establish another one.