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26 Feb

9 New HTML5 and CSS3 Features You Should Try

Let’s get into some exciting new HTML5 and CSS3 features that you can use to create better websites and applications in 2018 – with live examples.

30 Jan

The 8 Biggest Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail To Make Money

Read out the eight solid reasons why bloggers fail to make money with their blogs, find where you’re failing and try to improve!

18 Jan

How Do Free Apps Make Money? 8 Powerful Monetization Models

Learn what monetization strategies developers use to make money with their free apps.

03 Jan

6 Main Types of Mobile Apps a Developer Must Know About

Take a look at six ‘main’ types of mobile apps and determine which category your app actually falls into.

19 Dec

12 Free Bootstrap UI Kits to Simplify Your Web Development Work

Let’s look at some of the best open-source Bootstrap 4 compatible UI kits worth utilizing in your upcoming projects!

29 Nov

15 Stunning Examples of Motion Design in Mobile Apps

Some beautiful examples of motion design to inspire you for creating a unique and powerful mobile app.

09 Nov

14 Recently Launched Shopify Features You Must Know About

Let’s have a look at some new and upcoming features that will change the way how you use Shopify.

06 Nov

Why a Custom Shopify Theme is worth the Investment

Let’s take a look at what factors make a custom-built Shopify theme worth the investment!

02 Nov

9 Biggest Email Newsletter Design Trends of 2017

Take a look at newsletter design trends that are rocking the email marketing industry.

12 Jan

Hire XHTMLJunction for Your Shopify Project

Get your online store live with XhtmlJunction Shopify theme conversion service.